Loyalty Wallet What is it?

Petpooja’s loyalty wallet is a customer wallet service that lets you allocate loyalty points to your customers based on their purchases. Customers can also top-up their wallet for repeat purchases and then redeem at your outlet, right from the POS.


As a restaurant owner, your business thrives on repeat customers. An easy and effective way to attract your customers to keep coming back is by rewarding them for their each visit. However, operating an independent loyalty program is difficult. You have to manage multiple systems for allocation, ensure smooth redemption, keep track of points and analyse if the loyalty program has been profitable or not.


With Petpooja’s Loyalty Wallet, you can allocate points to your customers with a pre-set formula per rupee spent. The complete functioning of the loyalty system is controlled directly from the POS, and the reports are available right on the dashboard, allowing you to get a complete picture of your repeat customers. Plus, your repeat customers can also top-up their wallets themselves, allowing them to order from your restaurant using the allocated loyalty points, and not worry about having to pay cash.


Defined Cashback/ Loyalty point allocation

Customer can top-up their wallets using multiple modes (Cash/Card/UPI)

Set loyalty point expiry

Point allocation and redemption from POS using OTP

Monitor Wallet balances and usage on Petpooja’s Dashboard

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