Insights What is it?

Petpooja Insights is a customizable dashboard that you can use to visualize your restaurant’s data and make insightful reports, appropriate to your business needs.


Tired of seeing those lengthy boring text reports which almost always seem incomplete?

With the Data Visualization technology, any required & useful information is presented in the form of graphs and statistical diagrams. It allows you to draw insights and study your reports with the help of easy-to-analyse visuals, something that you may not get from text-based reports. Additionally, you may need cross-functional reports that may not be available by default in the Petpooja Dashboard.


Petpooja Insights is a standalone dashboard that allows you to get the data you need, visualized in a way you want. There are no limits to what kind of charts, tables and graphs that can be created. The dashboard can draw them all, for any type of data.

Don’t believe us?

Check out this live demo of the Petpooja Insights and see the magic for yourself. (VIDEO)

The possibilities and insights are endless. The dashboard can be completely customized to your requirements, the demo just gives you an idea of what can be done.

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