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Petpooja History


Our Start

Petpooja was created in 2011 with a view to provide food delivery to corporates.

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Our Experience & Change in Pace

We did this for one and a half years. During this period, we realized that there was no technology on the restaurant end. The zenith of technology for the F&B industry was the bill maker machine. The PoS software that existed were extremely complex, not made for Indian billers, had a pricing structure which cost an arm and a leg with no focus on after-sales support.


Our Growth

This is when we pivoted to creating the Petpooja we know today – a complete F&B platform powering any outlet. We were very clear from the onset – we wanted to create a comprehensive PoS solution for all scales of outlets. While our competitors were busy building enterprise products, we firmly believed in the power of individual outlets and small chains. Today, we can confidently say, our initial view was bang on! And on the way, we actually ended up creating a product that was so good that even enterprises could not resist coming on board.

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Here We are Today

The Petpooja we know today is a product of 8 years of hard work, ingenious coding, relentless integration efforts, deep domain knowledge and an untiring support staff

As a company we are clear of our focus

We are the Operating System for any F&B outlet!



At Petpooja we strongly believe that our team is at the core of everything, the reason that we have a great product. We strive to create an inclusive environment that is fun for every individual employed in the company, be it the developers or the integrations and menu teams.

We hire people who are committed and want to achieve something larger in life, nurture them, present them with opportunities to grow and upskill and promote them to higher roles when they excel.

The senior team at Petpooja has been with us with for an average period exceeding 5 years. This promotes a strong foundational culture in new employees and creates a right of passage which upholds the culture that we started the company with. The vast experience also brings strong F&B domain knowledge which ensures that we solve real-world needs of our merchants.

We pride ourselves on our core values

Integrity Integrity

Complete transparency and honesty with the team members, towards the company as a whole and towards our customers.

Inclusivity Inclusivity

Making sure that not just you but the entire team excels, making everyone feel at home, creating a no-bullshit culture with honest, polite communication that does not make any single individual feel left out.

curiosity Curiosity

An urge to know more, to find unique solutions to problems, want to upskill and learn new things.

The Petpooja office is living, breathing creature,
full of life – 365 days a year.

You will always hear chirps in the office, people giggling and just generally enjoying their work.

Team Petpooja


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