Restaurant POS & Management System

Sleek, Smart and Efficient technology to manage and grow your business.

Powering 25,000+ Restaurants

Restaurant POS System

A quick, efficient and user-friendly Point-of-Sale (POS) system, is exactly what your restaurant needs.

From your online payments to KOTs and inventory, everything works in-sync with Petpooja’s Restaurant POS Software.


Works on

Desktop software with cloud sync

24 x 7

Admin App and

Inventory and Stock Management


Pick and choose services and products that you need to manage operations and grow, seamlessly integrated with the PoS!

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Outlet Types

Petpooja’s Restaurant Management POS is built for all types of restaurant sizes and formats - from single outlets to 100+ outlet chains.Select your format to see how Petpooja can help you run better.

Why Petpooja?

Petpooja is built to make everyone’s job in the restaurant-business easy. Every person in the restaurant ecosystem experiences increased productivity with Petpooja.

Made for :
  • Outlet Owner
  • Franchisee Owner
  • Biller
  • Manager
  • Captain
  • Chef
  • Stockist
  • Accountant
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