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business tasks

Create, track & validate updates on your staff’s assigned operational tasks from a single app

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Running a business means getting
1000 things done at the same time

You can run all day… and still have a few tasks
Unmanaged. Unsupervised. Unfinished!

Running a business means getting 1000 things done at the same time

Step 1: Easily create & assign business tasks to your staff

Step 2: Verify task completion via photo/video/doc proof

Step 3: Escalate necessary issues

Step 4: Track progress & plan activities better

Step 4: directly from the app!

Everyday task management simplified for all!

Delegate Tasks. Verify Completion. Improve Efficiency.

Specifically crafted for

For owner

For Owners

Track the statuses of all your assigned tasks in all your branches, along with the verification proof at any time from anywhere

For manager

For Managers

Allocate tasks to each staff in any shift with a few simple clicks. Solve pending issues and create SOP templates for smoother training

For employee

For Employees

Escalate issues and get transparency in task allocation and reporting so that you can put in your best work and get the appreciation you deserve

Say goodbye to daily follow-ups, reminders,
excuses and chaotic task management.

Get real-time updates on task progress along with escalated issues

  • Photo, video, checklist-based verification
  • Advance task scheduling
  • Customize employee rights
  • Access logs & reports
Task Manage
  • Create SOP templates
  • Send reminders & notifications
  • 24x7 Support
built for all business types


Who can use this app?

Any business owner across all industries and company registration types can use Tasks By Petpooja for their business to make their processes smoother and improve staff efficiency.

Can I register employees working at multiple locations in my business from the app?

Yes, if that employee is already a Tasks By Petpooja user in a different location, you can simply add them to your team. If they are not an existing user, you can invite them by registering their phone number.

Can we schedule the tasks in advance?

Yes, you can schedule the tasks in advance, along with the proper SOPs and verification layer. You will also be notified of those tasks when they are due

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