Captain Ordering App What is it?

Petpooja’s Captain Ordering App is an Android app that allows your staff to take customer orders, complete payments right at the table and offer smart food recommendations.


The process of taking orders manually is very hectic. The servers always have to carry a pen and paper, run across the restaurants to take orders, manually punch in the order and generate KOTs, take multiple visits to the billing counter to complete a transaction and much more. In this manual back and forth, some items might get missed when printing the KOTs, leading to utter chaos.


With Petpooja’s Captain Ordering App, all these problems are taken care of. The server can take orders directly at the table on the Captain Ordering App and the KOT gets printed and sent to the kitchen automatically. Also when a customer wants to pay, the Captain Ordering App is equipped with all payment modes, allowing them to take payments at the table.


Multiple devices work in sync with each other and the POS

AI-based Recommendation Engine to help servers upsell

Supports offline architecture (works without internet)

UPI and wallet payments

Contactless Card Payments on a single tap (under Rs 5000)

Works on any Android phone

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