Online Order Reconciliation What is it?

Online Order Reconciliation is a report that allows you to upload your Swiggy and Zomato payout reports on Petpooja, giving you a complete picture of your commissions, discounts, cancellations and any pending order payouts.


With the increase of online aggregator contribution to overall sales, the importance of reconciliation between aggregator payout reports and actual sales becomes important. Often, due to hefty discounts, sudden cancellations, TCS and other penalties, the effective commission rates are much higher than the actual commission stated on the contract by aggregators. At times, there also arise discrepancies in the payout reports.


Petpooja’s Online Order Reconciliation solves these problems and presents you the real cost of operating on aggregators. Once the payout is uploaded onto Petpooja, we match the orders on the payout sheet with the orders on Petpooja, and alerting you about any discrepancies.


Tally the Matched & Unmatched Orders

Cancelled order payout reconciliation

Discounts, other charges and TCS

Find Net effective commission including commission,

Auto-upload of payout reports

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