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Token Management What is it?

Token Management System is an Android App that runs on a Screen mounted outside your restaurant, allowing take-away customers and delivery executives to know the real-time status of their order without having to repeatedly ask your staff.


On bustling weekends or during rush hours, your staff is usually busy with diners. But at the same time, online order volumes also tend to be high. Delivery executives, in their hurry to complete their order and jump on to the next one, keep coming up to the billing desk to ask whether their order is ready. This causes a disturbance to the diners and interrupts the staff’s workflow.


Remember how easy it is to see the status and timing of your flights on the airport or see your movie’s timings outside the theatre hall?

Similarly, with Petpooja’s Token Management System, delivery executives and take-away customers can know the live status of their orders directly on a screen, without having to ask your staff or crowd your manager.


Live-order status for Delivery and Take-away orders

Zomato and Swiggy OTP for delivery executive to check-in

Can be installed anywhere (inside/outside your restaurant)

Mark food ready from PoS or KDS

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