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Waiter Calling System What is it?

Petpooja’s Waiter Calling System is a hardware device that is kept on the table, allowing customers to call the waiter, ask for water or request a bill, at the click of a button.


“Bhaiya”, “Boss”, “Excuse Me”

“Bhaiya”, “Boss”, “Excuse Me” A Restaurant is filled with these noises. These shouts can annoy other diners. Also, the waiters are on a constant look-out for raised hands or such shouts, which eats away their time, and restricts their interaction with customers.


The Waiter Calling System (WCS) will make sure that your restaurant maintains its peaceful and aesthetic vibe, and not turn into a Sabzi Mandi. Petpooja’s WCS eliminates the need to shout to call a waiter. WCS is a small transmitter device kept at the customer’s table with 3 buttons - Waiter, Bill and Water.


Durable & sturdy device body, drop-tested.

Rechargeable Transmitter with 15 day battery life

Different coloured light enabled for each function

Integrated with PoS and Captain Ordering App

20m Line of Sight Range

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