Kitchen Display System (KDS) What is it?

Petpooja’s Kitchen Display System (KDS) consists of a screen mounted in the kitchen that allows you to view KOTs digitally and aggregate items from different KOTs to speed up preparation time.


Paper KOTs can get misplaced leading to order delays or confusion in the kitchen. Also, paper KOTs come in sequentially, compelling you to cater to one KOT before moving on to the next. Once an order is ready, your biller has to find that KOT and mark it ready to be reflected on the aggregators.


Petpooja’s KDS cuts through this clutter. A single screen mounted in the kitchen to take care of all. Say you have 3 KOTs - each having one portion of Arrabbiata Pasta. With the KDS, an aggregated item list is presented, allowing you to make all the 3 portions simultaneously. This reduces the preparation time for the same type of orders.


Works on Android and Windows

Displays individual KOTs as well as Aggregated Item List

Mark food ready from KDS

Eliminates the chaotic process of managing paper KOTs

Significantly increases kitchen productivity

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