Kiosk What is it?

Petpooja’s Kiosk is a physical Ordering System which includes a touchscreen interface coupled with ordering software, to allow your guests to order digitally without walking to the counter.


During peak ordering times, there are often big lines at the ordering counter. Customers get frustrated standing in lines, which could lead to loss of sales. Also, your biller is always tied up in taking orders, a process which can be easily digitized, allowing your biller to focus on other tasks.


Petpooja’s Kiosk allows your customers to place their orders digitally on the kiosk screen by themselves, without waiting for any server/biller to take their order. Customers can also complete their payment digitally at the kiosk. Your biller can now get involved in other operations rather than just taking orders.


Digital Payments Integrated (UPI, PayTM, Cards)

Digital Menu with Images

AI-based Recommendation Engine

Easy-to-use framework for customers

AI-enabled Voice Ordering

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