Website What is it?

Your customers deserve to know you!

Your customers deserve to know you! Create your brand’s own website and develop a more personal connection with your customers. Also, build your website such that customers can order directly from your outlet, without any hassle.


You get most of your Online Orders from Zomato, Swiggy and other aggregators. And you end up paying 20-30% of order value as a commission. Even your repeat customers can’t find you online to place an order directly. And to top it all off, you don’t even get the identity of the person who orders from you - you don’t own the customer.


Petpooja can help you resolve this, by creating a beautiful and dynamic website for you that will become your brand’s digital presence. Your customers can get information about your outlet and place orders directly from your website, without you having to pay commission to any third-party aggregator.


Accept online orders directly from your PoS with OOW widget

Store data like customer’s name, address, last order, etc to increase your customer database

Create your Website under 30 minutes

Online Ordering Widget (OOW) configured on your website

Website Menu managed from PoS

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