Your menu is your business card

Customize your menu to serve your customers better with add-on notes, exciting offers, special menus, dynamic pricing and much more.

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Item Category, variations & add-ons

Today’s menus are very customizable - with different portion sizes and toppings. With Petpooja, you can easily categorize your menu items and create variations and add-ons with separate pricing for each customization

Eg - With this dynamic feature you can charge more for the extra Jalapenos on a large pizza vs a medium.


Aggregator Menu Management

Today, you manage your menu by using the aggregator app. Any deletion or price change goes to the respective teams from Zomato and Swiggy and takes a while to be reflected. Petpooja has menu integration with all aggregators, allowing you to edit your menu items, prices and switch items on/off directly from the PoS.


Configure Special Notes

“Make that extra spicy please” “Can you make this without tomatoes?"

You hear such requests from customers everyday. With Petpooja’s special notes, you can make preset notes to save the server’s time and let the customer know whether a certain customization is possible.


Short-codes for quick billing

Your staff still uses the traditional short-codes for items like when you first began your restaurant? Petpooja’s short-code functionality allows this, letting you assign PBB for Pav Bhaji Butter. This significantly increases the rate of adoption of software and the speed of checkout.


Multiple Menus

As a restaurant, you may only be serving certain items in certain designated areas. Your Online Aggregator Prices could be higher than your dine-in prices. With Petpooja, you can manage your item mix and prices per channel or area, giving you complete pricing control over every channel to account for other costs such as service & commissions.


Item Combos and BoGo

You run multiple offers and combos to attract more customers. But billing for combos is a pain, as is managing their inventory. With Petpooja, you can create BoGo offers as well as Combos and ensure that your inventory at the backend stays in sync, consuming the right items from inventory for all combo or BoGo items.


Customizable Menu timings

Breakfast items are only available till 11:00 am? Your pastry chef comes in only at 4:00 pm?

With Petpooja, ensure that certain menu items are only available at certain times of the day, for dine-in and and on aggregator platforms.

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