Put the ‘quick’ back in Quick-Service

Manage walk-ins, deliveries and online-orders at full speed, all in sync with your kitchen

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Key Features for your QSR


Quick billing to serve orders faster

It’s a bummer when customers have to stand in line to place their orders. Petpooja’s 3-click billing process allows you to print bills and KOTs at the speed of light, eliminating those pesky queues.


Online Ordering & Menu integrations

Say goodbye to juggling multiple apps for accepting online orders. Manage your menu, accept orders and mark food ready, right from the POS, all without affecting your dine-in orders.


Category-wise KOT with KDS

No need to hustle between the billing counter and the kitchen just juggling KOTs. Connect multiple KOT printers to ensure the correct KOT prints at the station you want. Alternatively, you can use our KDS system to get even more efficiency, allowing you to club items from multiple orders.


Track food-cost report, wastage and variance

Your recipes are well defined on paper, but your raw material prices keep fluctuating. Your chef may also be deviating from set recipes. Petpooja’s POS allows you to track any deviation from recipes and keep a real-time check on food-costs using the FIFO inventory method, ensuring that your margins are not impacted.


Item Combos & variations

Want to offer a large, medium or small variation of drinks? Or serve 5 different types of dips with your fries? Or give a combo of small coke and burger?

Petpooja’s POS can handle any permutations and combinations you wish to apply or experiment with your menu.


Central Kitchen

Your city-wide stock room sends food to the central kitchen for making burger patties. These patties are then sent to the restaurants to be assembled into burgers. Petpooja’s complimentary central kitchen module, at no additional price, offers you the flexibility to run a hub-and-spoke model efficiently.


Multi-terminal billing

You need 3 terminals to handle high footfall? How about another terminal at the bakery counter?

Petpooja POS allows you to have multiple billing terminals in one outlet at no additional price, all in sync with each other. Make a KOT from one terminal and print the bill from another, no sweat!


Token Management

Over and above heavy footfall, your staff has to deal with delivery executives constantly interrupting them by asking their order status. With Petpooja’s Token Management system, a screen mounted outside your restaurant can let them know the real-time status of their order, so they only come-in to pick up their order once it’s ready.

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