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Brew higher profits with Petpooja bar POS

Efficiently manage sales, customise bills, keep tabs on alcohol inventory and much more

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Brew higher profits with Petpooja bar POS

Get error-free billing & reports for your bar

Simplify customer management during happy hours with a quick & easy-to-use billing software

Multi-terminal Billing

Multi-terminal billing

Petpooja restaurant billing software runs smoothly on multiple billing counters. This way you can take the bar order from one counter & food from another

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Smooth operations during the rush hours

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Print & record station-wise KOTs to avoid overlapping of orders

Alcohol Inventory Management

Your nightmare of recording & managing inventory manually gets completely automated with Petpooja bar POS!

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Record liquor stock in an item-wise inventory

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Track consumption rate, pilferage and other expenses

Alcohol Inventory Management
Bill Modifactions

Bill Modifactions

Your customers might want to split their bills in different ways. Whether they are going dutch or have a common tab. Petpooja bar POS will customize bill as requested!

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Split bills either by percentage, price or proportions

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Create separate bills for all the customers, their food and drinks


POS reports made accurate & comprehensive

Employee Management

Waiter Performance Reports

With Petpooja Billing Software, you can track the performance of your staff. This way all their efforts will never go underappreciated!

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Offer rewards to your star performers

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Regular assessments for improving overall staff performance

Comprehensive Tax Reports

Happy Hour Sales Reports

As much as customers love happy hours, managing large orders is hectic for the staff. With Petpooja POS, you can easily keep track of all your sales, customers and inventory

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Saves time in tracking sold drinks & inventory

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Understand & analyse order-wise sales to reap maximum profits

Marketplace services

Solutions to level-up your daily operations

Petooja Pay

Petpooja Pay

Wasting time on reconciling payments from different channels? Stop such boring tasks by switching to one Petpooja payment app and sync all your payments in one place.

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Captain App

Captain app

An android application that allows your staff to take customer orders, offer smart food recommendations and complete payments right at the table.

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siddharth sherlock BARS

"We wanted to stand out by being a cocktail bar in Banglore, and Petpooja’s multi-terminal billing has made our staff lives easy. It made it possible for us to have two billing stations that perfectly sync with the master POS system."


Managing Director

Skydeck by Sherlocks

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