Are you tired of punching bills the whole day?

Petpooja’s Desktop Billing Software allows your biller to manage high order volumes with ease

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Easy-to-use Billing Screen

Petpooja’s Billing Software is really easy to use, allowing you to configure only the features that your biller needs daily. This keeps away unnecessary clutter from distracting your biller, allowing him to make bills & KOTs faster.


Kitchen-wise KOT printing

Your kitchen may have different sections for different cuisines. With Petpooja, you can configure multiple KOT printers and assign categories to each printer individually. So when you punch a bill for a pizza and biryani, the biryani KOT goes to the Indian kitchen while the Pizza KOT gets printed in the Italian kitchen.


Online Order Management

Accept Swiggy/Zomato and other Online Aggregator Orders directly on the POS, without having to switch multiple tabs or juggle between apps. Allow your biller to accept orders as soon as they land without any errors, and print bills and KOTs at the same time.


Customizable Bill format

Petpooja’s Billing Software allows completely configurable bill formats. Print your logo, use vernacular billing, dynamic QR-code for payments right on the bill - everything is possible with Petpooja.


Works on any hardware

Petpooja works on your existing hardware - be it a PC, laptop, tablet or touchscreen terminal. Our software is also tested to work with 200+ printers, barcode scanners and weighing machines, ensuring that you don’t need to make any additional investments in buying new hardware.


Multi-terminal Billing

If you run a large establishment, you often require more than one terminal to take care of the large order volume. Petpooja’s offline sync architecture ensures that all billing terminals are always in-sync with each other. The bill numbers are in sequence and you can punch a KOT from one terminal and print a bill for that KOT from another.


Offline Architecture

We understand that billing is mission critical. Which is why we have engineered Petpooja’s POS to function seamlessly, even when your internet is down. All data gets stored locally and syncs to the cloud once your connection is up and running.


Configurable Taxes & Discounts

You can easily configure and update the different taxes levied at your restaurant as per your services, region of operation or any tax modifications by the government. The POS also gives you the flexibility to add or remove discounts as and when required.

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