Do it all with Petpooja POS

Billing and KOT

Our billing solution will assist you with seamless functioning of your restaurant, growth in sales and reduction in costs for maintaining your business.


Petpooja’s restaurant POS was designed to address the increasing demand of billing systems from restaurateurs who wanted more than limited-use cash drawers. Unlike cash drawers, our modern billing system delivers coherence and flexibility and seamless connectivity to drive efficiencies across all facets of your business.


If you own a food business or you’re planning to, resolving simple day-to-day tasks can be tedious, tiresome and unproductive. If left unresolved, these can result in poor brand image, reduced ROI and dire service standards. With our restaurant POS software, you can achieve more in less time, optimize cost across all business operations and increase customer footfall. In addition, our software requires minimal training for your biller, allowing your staff or employees to overcome billing hurdles and adapt to methodical order processing.


How to retain customers and increase ROI’s through Petpooja?


With our restaurant POS system you can unlock endless possibilities to achieve desired results in a customer oriented and forward-thinking manner, essential to maximize ROI’s. Incisive services to customers delivered with every visit, every bill, every order and every delivery has a tremendously positive impact on customer experience, on both sides of the transaction, and adds to the sustainability of your business. With over half of the newly opened restaurants shutting down within an year of their operations, the need for an effective day-to-day system feeding into the longevity of your business is glaringly obvious.


KOT is yet another essential aspect of swiftly delivering customer’s order to the chef to start prepping the meal. At Petpooja, we recognize this as one of the most crucial time periods for determining customer satisfaction. Longer the customer awaits for their order, higher the chances of sabotaging what could had been a long-lasting customer relationship. With our category linked KOT and printing, crucial minutes are saved with pinpoint precision to bring clarity, relevancy and an overall positive impact on food prep time.


Soon after a restaurateur sets off on their entrepreneurial journey, they face their first of many challenges as an owner. Majority of restaurant owners face one particular problem the most, adding mobility to their business. Stewards spend nearly 20% of their total working hours walking to-and-fro from billing counters. Our software scales up efficiency in managing all your transactions and business operations, which get monitored from the POS interface. Using insights into operations, compatibility, resource usage, analytics and other aspects of a business makes Petpooja a successful restaurant POS system, driving your business to its true potential.

Menu Management

Whether your cook is an experienced culinary master with the finesse of a cordon bleu chef, or a rookie with a knack of presenting absurdly delicious and lip-smacking dishes on the table, menu management allows him focus on his art.


What is menu management? How can your restaurant reap benefits of Petpooja’s methodical menu management? Why does your business need menu management? These are few questions that you’d come across as a potential, or already have as an existing, restaurant owner. But most importantly, what makes menu and menu management so unique in their capability of deciding the fate of your business singlehandedly?


A menu in itself is at the core of F&B (Food and Beverage) operations, where it maintains the leading role, such as of an instructor, and clearly dictates the three aspects of what customer’s next meal would be:

  • List of F&B items with unit or package price
  • List of ingredients/raw material needed to make the F&B item
  • Its own capability to work as an advertising tool capable of communicating a firm’s, or restaurant’s, image, further driving profits.

Additionally, the design of the menu can also be very impactful in directing customer’s attention to the food items the restaurant wants to sell more.


Strategic menu management is a managerial tool delivering reliability and important managerial assistance to operations. A good menu management would be able to enhance the decor and service style of the business.


Petpooja’s restaurant POS software assists you by linking your restaurant’s menu to 3rd parties, allowing configuration of taxes in a comprehensive manner; differentiating between all item variations (including combos and add-ons), separating menu for dine-ins, take-away (parcels) and home delivery, special notes provision for directions to customize any order with customer’s specifications, and much more.


The conglomeration of managerial activities and the competitive advantage in providing seamless operations is what makes Petpooja quintessential, steering you and your business in the right direction. Menu management, for many, is a relatively new concept which is not widely acknowledged by restaurant owners. However, to have a competitive edge in today’s booming individual ownership of all kinds of restaurants and small eateries, menu management has turned out to be a critical tool for the upcoming leaders in the field of hospitality.


Petpooja’s restaurant POS software does it all and more, making your life simple through our apps and services. With over 3500+ proud restaurant owners using Petpooja, our menu management is the dose to success for your restaurant.

Recipe & Inventory

Chasing efficiency to increase profitability? The prime purpose of inventory is to use resource allocation and production monitoring to increase profitability. In other words, balancing supply and demand, improving efficiency and establishing a safety stock are the key aspects of inventory. Keeping a track of the products your firm has on hand, is determined by accurate inventory, which in turn is critical in lowering costs and streamlining operations.


No matter the nature of your business, instituting computerized inventory control is vital for seamless functioning and helping ease the day-to-day responsibilities of restaurant managers. Such technological advancements in inventory have shown to help, create and foster better customer relationship, boosting loyalty and driving sales.


Plain and simple, inventory management software helps you keep track of inventory levels. Petpooja’s restaurant POS system automatically keeps track of raw material during billing, making manager’s job easier and further, directly emails Purchase Orders (P/Os) to suppliers, eliminating human error when ordering supplies for the restaurant.


Accuracy and timely decisions to manage operations are at the core of effective inventory management. Mismanaging inventory can lead to loss of revenue and customer dissatisfaction which can be resolved with a transparent solution of inventory management software allowing your employees to log into a centralized system before taking inventory.


Currently serving more than 3500 happy restaurants, Petpooja comes with time-tested hardware from reputed vendors. Our POS hardware comprises of a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, barcode scanner and, may also include, a debit/credit card reader.


To strengthen business operations and steer expeditious revenues, Petpooja bundle is an all-round winner comprising of a Desktop Billing POS, Merchant Analytics Dashboard, Petpooja EDC Machine and Merchant App. Bringing all billing aspects to single point transaction system, our software works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Windows tablets.


What more can you achieve with Petpooja? Recipe management is a unique and fast growing management tool for restaurant owners worldwide. How does Petpooja help you with recipe management? Recipe management on our POS software empowers your operational team to improve productivity and quality with multi-stage recipe module and unit conversions.


Without even considering the size of your business, evolving inventory tracking technology can assist your business to reduce costs and improve operations in a coherent manner. Latest technological trends such as supplier integration can assist you with collection of data through analytical systems and Internet of Things, giving you the lead amongst your competitors. With our supplier integration you would never run out of stock as our astute system places order directly when stock goes below minimum.

Live Table

Turning tables faster is one of the key ingredients for the success of your business. Since all employees/staff members in a restaurant have not acquired similar skills and capabilities to turn tables fast and in a seamless manner, the need for digital dining table management in today’s intensely competitive market is crucial and necessary, more than ever before, to achieve goals such as, increasing sales volume and profits. How can Petpooja help you achieve such goals in a productive manner with current-advanced technology? The answer is, LIVE TABLE!


What is Live Table? How can Live Table help you achieve more from current, or potential, business operations? And most importantly, WHY should you choose Petpooja?


Let us work our way backwards and address these questions for you to further understand Petpooja, and the conglomeration of organization driven, customer oriented solutions in the form of our POS software. Our restaurant management POS software is easy to use, requires minimal staff training to adapt and works both offline, and online (cloud-based) modes. These factors are essential for your staff to get them acquainted with the technology and software, and effortlessly advance enhancing customer service like a pro. Why else should you choose Petpooja? Simply put, we tailor solutions for your restaurant and assist your business operations in delivering services.


Live Table does more than achieving goals. With Petpooja, you are establishing a brand new philosophy for your business, which is distinctively based on technology assisting your business operations with every touch-point you encounter with your customer. Furthermore, with our POS software you can guide your staff in real-time, view live orders, designate restaurant areas and different pricing for each area, and comprehensively manage user-rights for Petpooja POS (you decide who gets to access what). Creating brand awareness among customers walking into your restaurant is inscribed in the DNA of our POS software, entwining loyalty and captivating dining experience with each and every customer.


So, what is Live Table after all? Live Table is a digital dining table management feeding in customer service data, allowing you to view the status of every table in your restaurant and accurately managing customer wait times. Live Table also helps servers and floor managers with systematic, organized and detailed delivery of services, bringing every employee involved with operations on the same page. When observed diligently, Petpooja’s Live Table feature helps you manage tables, modernize operations and redefine dining area to create a memorable customer experience, whilst boosting the managerial aspects of your table service restaurant and keeping your customers, and employees gratified.


Being one step closer to applying business and management theories to a real world problem is one of the prime solutions offered by reports. However, it does not take very long for businesses to realize that all data is not created equally and the drawbacks of standardized designs of one-size-fits-all solutions no longer feeds the appetite of growing businesses. Unfortunately, the trends we see today are of the inflexible report designs, which still seem to monopolize the marketplace. To counter such mundane strategies, Petpooja refined 4 most essential reports any business would require to reach conclusions about a problem or issue, or to develop concise and clear communication skills, or to simply provide recommendations for future actions; and they are:

  • Sales reports- Daily and periodic sales reports.
  • Customer reports
  • Microscopic Refinement- Item-wise reports for better menu refinements.
  • Fraud Prevention reports


But what’s so different about these reports? The fact that you would need supplementary reports to grasp an overall image of events happening at your restaurant and to resolve the same purpose, Petpooja has set out more than 20 reports available for you to be utilized for variety of business operations. What’s more in it for you and the success of your business? A crucial factor that would guarantee to avoid inaccurate answers and estimates by traditional manipulation of reports, or extrapolating data, is customization of reports specifically tailored to the needs of your business. In other words, Petpooja assists you further from its pre-existing, yet valuable for daily operations, reports by delivering customizable reports for your restaurant. Since different departments require different data to be processed such as, the sales team would require data different from the analytical department, given the choice to customize reports can turn into a pivotal asset for the long-term of your business.


The best course of action a good restaurateur would look forward to is to eliminate the guesswork, to be able to make smarter and rock-solid decisions allowing them to swiftly act on and react to changes in their market and customer trends. With Petpooja restaurant POS software, drilling down to details and simplifying things becomes a habit. Such habits most certainly will help lead you to communicate broader ideas and concepts across all channels of your business, making it unequivocally clear that no stone was left unturned along the way.


Relevancy is the key to Petpooja’s success as a restaurant POS across India. Reports which speak to your business in real-time and can be analyzed to shape the future of your business would never be deemed irrelevant. With the ability to track events and have access to relevant data with our POS software, you are bound to minimize losses and make your business more agile. Furthermore, with relevant data you have the power to maximize revenues and can visualize, in real-time, your plans decisions playing out to the benefit of your business.



Agree or disagree, discounts work and can do wonders in boosting sales by attracting loyal customers. With Petpooja’s restaurant POS software, you can rest assured that the daunting process of organizing and systematically executing discounts in an efficient manner is well taken care of. Comprehensive discounts are built into our POS allowing you and your employees to enhance customer service with every single order. Petpooja further strengthens seamless operations spread across all facets of the organization such as with event based discounts, happy hours, combo discount configuration, discount code redemption, BoGo and much more.

Event Based discounts- Yes, our restaurant POS handles events based discounts fluently. Different discounts for different events stimulates effective and noteworthy customer satisfaction, leading to exemplary work environment for your employees. Our Event based discounts bring clarity to operations and avoid any misuse of discount coupons, or codes, assisting you to keep track of sales of all items and discounts dished out.

Happy Hours- Happy hours lead to Happy customers. However, happy hours also imply more customers for the same number of employees and the need to eradicate any inefficiency in operations during these crucial business hours can help boost image of your restaurant and business. Customers expect no delays with their orders and frictionless happy hour discounting. Petpooja helps yours restaurant with time based discounts for happy hours, bringing pinpoint precision in services.

Combo Discounts Configuration- Whether your restaurant deals in quick-service or dine-ins, combos encourage sales with at least one in four customers visiting your restaurant opting for combos. With Petpooja configuration for combo discounts you can drive customer traffic with highest results and maximum effects. Bundling offers unique way of extracting more value from customers and to have an apt system to seize such opportunity, without any inconsistency, is imperative to operations, customer satisfaction and exuberant work environment for your employees.

Discount Code Redemption- Discounts make people happy! To find out that they cannot redeem discount because of uninvited hiccup from the business end, quite honestly, is not going to fare well for your restaurant, or its brand image. Petpooja restaurant POS software avoids unsavoury situations and fixates your customer more on the destination (or end product/services of your business), than completely on the journey. After all, what matters for customer are swift actions advancing them to achieve what they had set out to achieve with your restaurant. With Petpooja, your customers get shorter waiting period to redeem discount codes, leading you and your restaurant towards priceless customer loyalty.

Buy One Get One (BoGo)- If you are finding inefficiency and difficulties executing BoGo deals while finding ways to get rid of desirable inventory quicker and maintain profitability at the same time, Petpooja is the solution you’ve been seeking! Customers love finding more value for their money and BoGo features helps your customer achieve more. With our restaurant POS system in effect, you are bound to achieve more monetary value with your product/services and well-defined customer contentment.