Large Chains

A single umbrella POS to manage all your outlets.

Petpooja’s Headoffice module allows you to get a bird’s eye view of your business’s entire operations, allowing you to drill down and resolve any particular nitty-gritty if required.

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Key Features for your Large Chains


Centralized Monitoring (HO dashboard)

Your outlets are spread across multiple cities, and each outlet may have multiple brands as well as multiple avenues for ordering. With Petpooja’s Head Office Dashboard, you can monitor all your outlets on a central screen. Moreover, you can configure zones - outlet groupings by region, state, city, brands or channels, providing you with necessary data to make reliable decisions and strategies.


Central Kitchen and raw material

As a large chain of outlets, you operate a central kitchen in each city which supplies raw materials and semi-cooked items to your outlets. With Petpooja, you can manage stock at the central kitchen as well as the outlet, getting alerts when stock levels drop below par level. Petpooja also allows you to generate a consolidated route plan, allowing your dispatch to know which raw materials are to be dropped off at which outlet.


Purchase Order management

Your outlet first raises a Purchase Order to your store or central kitchen. The store then checks it’s own inventory and plans the dispatch according to availability. The outlet upon receipt, may not accept certain items due to quality discrepancies. This entire process flow can be seamlessly managed on Petpooja.


ERP integration

You use an ERP to manage your entire backend? No worries, Petpooja has you covered. We can provide access to a data lake which enables integration with any ERP - be it Dynamic NAV, Tally, SAP or anything else that you may be using. All your sales, inventory and customer data gets directly pushed to your ERP.


Centralized Aggregator menu management

Petpooja’s Centralized Menu Management allows you to ensure standardization across all your outlets. You can centrally manage your menu items and pricing, both for the offline menu as well as online aggregators, making sure that you deliver a consistent brand experience across all channels.


Online Order Reconciliation

Online Aggregators form a large chunk of your revenue so it is imperative to reconcile online orders. Petpooja’s Online Order Reconciliation matches orders from the PoS with aggregator payout reports, giving you a clear picture about which payout is against which orders. It also gives you a complete picture of order cancellations, rejection, net effective commission, discounts, refunds and miscellaneous penalties.


Petpooja Insights: Analytics Dashboard

Petpooja’s Analytics Dashboard is a completely customizable dashboard which allows you to have your reporting exactly the way you want. It allows you to create cross-functional reports and data visualizations, allowing you to make data-driven decisions that can significantly benefit your business.



If you run a B2B business to complement your B2C operations, E-invoicing is a must. Petpooja allows you to generate B2B invoices with a Tax QR-code so that you are always in compliance with changing invoicing regulations.

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