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Key Features for your Cloud Kitchens


Online Order Management

Your staff has to keep checking multiple apps for incoming orders, accepting them and then copying them to your POS to print the bill and KOT. Once the food is ready, they have to again got to the app to “mark food ready”. With Petpooja POS, all orders from any aggregator land directly on the POS. Bills and KOT are automatically printed upon order acceptance and ‘Mark Food Ready’ can be done from the POS itself.


Virtual brands

You run multiple brands within the same setup. For each brand you have a separate tab open, checking for incoming orders. With Petpooja POS, all orders for all brands across aggregators can be handled from one POS, at no extra charge.


Raw material management

Petpooja’s reports give mall managers a complete overview of the business at individual outlets. This allows mall operators to determine the royalty or licensing amount to be charged to each brand. We also have integrations with leading mall management systems, allowing mall operators to get data via API into their systems.


Central Kitchen

Your central kitchen drops off all materials needed for a day to all your outlets in the morning. With Petpooja’s POS, you can not only manage stock transfer but also request raw materials and manage the delivery route, ensuring that your vehicle drops off the correct materials at the correct outlet.


Own Website

Aggregators generate good revenue for you. However, it’s a double edged sword. The high commissions can really eat into your profits. At Petpooja, we create a website that allows customers to directly place an order from your brand. This ensures that you are directly connected to your customers and don’t have to pay any commission to a third-party.


Online Order Reconciliation

Do you know the net commission that you are paying to aggregators, considering cancellations, TCS and discounts? Do you know if all orders that you have served have been accounted for in the payout?

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