Pizzeria or Pizza shop

Multiple toppings are fun, multiple dashboards are not

With Petpooja POS, manage all your operations on a single screen for all your pizzerias

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Key Features for your Pizza shop


Quick Billing with customization

With Petpooja, you can sell by the slice, or give a 100 different toppings to let your diners customize. Petpooja can also handle different sizes(variations) and manage the billing for any customization as per the selected size of pizza.


Combos, offers and discounts

Petpooja allows you to run a variety of offers and combos to attract more customers. The POS allows you to manage billing and inventory for combos such as BOGO or a coke and calzone along with the pizza. You can also send discounts codes to specific customers, and easily track return on marketing spend (ROAS).


Multiple outlet monitoring

Monitor and manage multiple outlets from a single screen with Petpooja’s dashboard. Our simplified interface allows you to get a complete picture of your operations without digging into 100 reports! Plus the head office module included in your subscription allows you to centrally manage your menu at all your outlets.


Inventory and raw material tracking

It’s disheartening when you have to deny an online order because you ran out of sun-dried tomatoes. With Petpooja’s inventory system, your items get consumed from stock according to preset recipes, and you get notified when you are running low on a particular raw material.


Online Ordering integrations

To operate on aggregators, you have multiple tabs open simultaneously. When an order comes in, you first accept it on the aggregator app or website, and then copy it onto the system to print the bill. With Petpooja, the order lands directly on the POS from where you can accept it at the click of a button. You can also manage your menu on the aggregators from POS, so you don’t get orders for items that are out of stock.

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