Petpooja’s PoS is a desktop and android billing software that syncs with the cloud. Unbelievably easy to use with myriad configurations, the PoS software is your biller’s cockpit and forms the core of the Petpooja ecosystem.

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Petpooja is a highly configurable suite of products to suit the needs of all kinds of F&B outlets. Below you can explore the configuration, features and services that will enable you to run your operations in the most effective manner possible:

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Why We Are Different


Native Desktop Billing

Petpooja is a native application, not a web-app. Web-apps depend on the browser cache which has limited memory. During peak billing times or internet outages, the browser cache has a tendency to become full, thereby slowing or in dire situations, completely halting billing.


Captain Applicaition

Petpooja was created as a software product to meet the needs of all customers without them having to change their hardware. We work with your existing hardware including PCs, tablets, printers and scanners. This drastically reduces switching costs and ensures no extra expenses in procuring new hardware.


Artificial Intelligence

Petpooja is the only ecosystem in F&B that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to power the front-of-house as well as the back office. The proprietary recommendation engine allows your staff to intelligently upsell items to customers – increasing check size and customer satisfaction.

24/7 phone support

24/7 phone support

We understand that billing is mission critical. If your PoS faces an outage, effectively your restaurant stops functioning. While our systems are designed to prevent any outages, whenever an issue arises, you can pick up the phone and call our support staff who will attend to your issue immediately. No tickets, no emails required.


Asset 1Price-without-EDC
Without EDC


Annual recurring
Rs 7,500(after the 1st year)
  • All core features
  • No additional charges for any core module
  • Menu and raw material upload
  • Installation and training
  • 24/7 support
Asset 1Price-with-EDC
With EDC


Annual recurring
Rs 5,000
Monthly EDC Rental
Rs 250
  • All core features
  • No additional charges for any core module
  • Menu and raw material upload
  • Installation and training
  • 24/7 support


At Petpooja, we strive to simplify and enrich the experience of not just restaurant owners, but also other merchant users who operate our platform. We have designed each module keeping in mind the needs of particular users who will use that specific module.

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