Your Portable Billing Solution

Replace your expensive and bulky billing machines with a compact Petpooja GO


Device + POS

+₹5,000* renewal from next year

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Built to go anywhere.
Powerful to manage everything.

Mobile POS Solution

Mobile POS Solution

Take your billing + payment machine with you anywhere you go

Accept payment using UPI, card or cash

Take orders, print KOT and accept payments seamlessly

Ideal billing solution for


Food vendors

Food trucks

Food courts



Drive-thru outlets

Seamless Integrations

A Mobile Android POS that does multi-tasking effortlessly

Accept & manage online orders from third-party platforms on-the-go

Manage online menu directly from the POS device

Seamless Integrations
An all-inclusive billing device

An all-inclusive billing device

Do a lot more than just punching billing and accepting payments

Put your inventory on auto-deduct mode with every sale made

Sync all your billing & customer data with a single dashboard

10+ reports


Online orders

Item wise sale

Made for all your restaurant needs

Non-rental hardware

Non-rental hardware

Physical and digital receipt

Physical and digital receipt

NFC reader and built-in printer

NFC reader and built-in printer

Synced with the master POS

Synced with the master POS

Smoothly sync all your Mobile Android POS data with the dashboard

Keep tabs on your restaurant from anywhere

Accurate data in downloadable reports

Hassle-free control of the biller rights

End theft and cash leakages

Stop losing your hard-earned profits to the wrong hands

Smartly track every transaction to avoid fraud

Get accurate reconciled payment reports for multi-terminal billings

Track payments using unique order ids 

End theft and cash leakages


How can I view my restaurant data from Petpooja GO?

All your billing, sales, customers and payment data get recorded and stored in the cloud-based Petpooja admin dashboard. All of which you can check out with your mobile phone by logging into the dashboard!

Can I run loyalty programs on Petpooja GO?

You can track your customers’ data and run loyalty campaigns to offer them more with each purchase.

When will my payments received with Petpooja GO get settled?

All your payments collected using card & QR codes will reflect in your account after T+1 day (transaction day+1)

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