Desktop Billing PoS + Admin App

Desktop billing software with a companion cloud dashboard and app.

Easy Billing & KOT

Simplify your restaurant's operation with fast and accurate billing and KOTs

  • Comprehensive Table Management
  • Category-wise KOTs
  • Multi-terminal Billing
  • Works with 200+ printers, weighing scales and barcode scanners
  • Table Management (Split, merge and move)
Power up you billing and KOT management

Inventory & Recipe Management

Manage your stock efficiently and sync it across online aggregator portals automatically.

  • Raw material management
  • Multi-Stage recipe
  • Food-Costing report
  • Supplier and Central kitchen modules
  • Stock inward, Transfer and Wastage
Supercharge you inventory management

Menu Management

Get complete control over your menu items and prices, be it for dine-in, take-away or online aggregator portals.

  • Segregated Menus for Dine-in and Delivery
  • Customizable Menu Timings
  • Item Variations, Add-ons and Combos
  • Area-wise pricing
  • Item categories and groups (food and liquor)

Online Aggregator and Payments Integrations”

Smooth order-processing and online payments to speed up your service.

  • Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo Orders directly on PoS
  • Item price edit and item toggle from PoS
  • Item off on aggregators on inventory depletion
  • PayTM and UPI payment modes
  • Comprehensive Orders and Payments reconciliation
Boost your online orders with

In-depth Analysis & Reports

Take charge of your operations with actionable reports.

  • Item-wise and category-wise reports
  • Comprehensive chain management reports
  • Bill cancellation and modification control and reporting.
  • Detailed GST reporting for filing
  • Inventory reporting
Supercharge your reporting

Customer Relationship Management

Gain insights into your customers and give them a personalized dining experience.

  • Comprehensive customer ordering history
  • Customer Feedback on dashboard
  • Mobile number based tracking
  • Loyalty program integrations
  • Customer outreach and reporting

Admin App and Dashboard

Manage and monitor you restaurant from any part of the world. Works on web and as an app on apple and android devices.

Cloud sync desktop software

Continue billing even without internet, with data synced up when you’re back online.

Taxes & Discounts Automation

GST Complaint (item-wise) Billing & Discount Customization.

Works Easily on all OS

Doesn’t matter what computer,laptop or tablet you use. Our software is compatible with all.

Role and Rights Management

Assign rights for the PoS and dashboard, limit what your staff can and cannot do on the platform.

Supported Hardware

  • All types of printers: thermal (USB, bluetooth and LAN), dot-matrix
  • Weighing scale
  • Barcode Scanner

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